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Areas of Practice


Commercial & Coorporate

Commercial Law incorporates a large percentage of the Groups' business activities as globally, trade sectors of all countries are considered to be their core business. Hence, the focus is more towards Commercial Company Laws, its changes and updates both locally and globally in order to ensure provision for a high standard of service and consultancy to its clients.


Banking, Finance & Insurance

Al Maidoor Group has established an independent division for providing all legal services pertaining to the Banking and Financial Fraternity Sectors. Such services are provided, but not limited to Contracting, Drafting Letters of Guarantee, Bank Guarantees, Credit Documentation, Security Undertakings and a variation of Deeds and Promissory Notes, mainly intended to secure our clients' rights.


Intellectual Property

Key areas in this division are the protection of Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Reproduction and Publication Rights. Maximum support from the internal team is rendered, where they also work in close collaboration with its overseas associate representative offices to ensure that maximum representation is availed to its clients.


Real Estate & Construction

The Phenomenal growth and expansion in the Construction, Engineering and Real Estate Industry witnessed over the last decade has unveiled a host of services that is now rendered to this industry. Attension to detail for all legal complexities that could arise in multi-party construction contracts is inevitable and it is therefore imperative that these contracts are in compliance with the law.

Reviewing Legal Agreement


Carriage-Marritime & Air

The UAE due to its geographical location serves as a strategic navigational point. Hence it has enacted a valation of rules and regulations to ensure it protects the rights of the carriers, charters and merchants.

Al Maidoor Group therefore appointed a specialist marine team of legal consultants who look into a vaiation of maritime disputes & claims pertaining to Charter Parties, Carriage Contracts, Wharfage Agreement and Ship Registrations,


Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Globally, Arbitration is a terminology identified as a parallel to the settlement of a normal dispute. The business community's preference as a first option is usually arbitration due to its swift, simple and cost-effective methodologies. The Group is well experienced in this arena where they view this as a practical settlement option, rather than pursue the official Courts of Law, where they have acquired the skill-set for both parties to amicably settle their matters,



Since the UAE is now an established worldwide hub for business & trade activities, the imminent growth reflected in the economic and trade activities also requires a parallel growth in the legal counselling arena. The Al Maidoor team of dedicated and qualified lawyers & advocates with a vast experience in litigation, including Regional and International Trade Laws is able to deliver the desired results.


Debt Collection & Recovery Services

We also pride ourselves in recently establishing our independent Collection & Recovery Division where our competent team comprises of ex-Ranking and Law Firm Collection & Recovery Staff who have a number of collective years of experience in this arena in the UAE. The key objective is for our team to recover overdue funds pertaining to a variation of Debts, Defaulters, and Abscondees and hence, skip cases where we leverage on our global associations to expedite the process to recover the outstanding funds.

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