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About Us

What we do

Al Maidoor Group Advocates & Legal Consultants Group is a result of years of experience in Law, Regulatory Policies and Procedures applied in the UAE.

Al Maidoor Group Advocates & Legal Consultants Group was founded by Mr. Ahmad Al Maidoor.The Group has maintained a low profile to establish a sound reputation in the market, based on a high degree of Integrity, Commitment, Trust and Loyalty to its clients. Collectively with many years of experience in consultancy and advocacy, the practice continues to attract clients seeking a specialised high level of quality service and support in all civil, criminal and commercial family matters.

Our Chairman Message

Ahmad Al Maidoor

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"Historical norms of legal consultancy has remarkably diversified along the lines of lifestyles, environment, relationships and the outcome thereof where human responsibilities, respect, integrity and many more core aspects of life has changed, where individuals and companies require professional legal consultancy to represent them in the best possible manner. Much more attention to empathy and disasters that could affect individual's lifestyles is what makes it more important for legal consultants and advocates to remain in line with social habits and changes how the law can be best applied in the interest of its clients.

A more modern approach has been abvious over the last decade where law firms are assuming responsibility for many aspects of business where there is almost no fine line for past regulations, since cases at hand are varied to years ago, A laywer therefore, must realise the sincerity of his commitment and the serious nature thereof, where the foundation and values of the profession must be guarded at all times.

A lawyer must also ensure to secure rights, alleviate damage and be limited to future disputes that may arise due to incorrect documented statements or obscure wording, An advocate has an equal obligation to professionally follow up and recover his client's rights in accordance with the high standard of professional ethics and principle, without prejudice.

These and more, are the values upon which the Al Maidoor Advocates & Legal Consultants was established and we will continue to strive to apply and retain this code of ethics to maintain a credible reputation. Legally protecting the rights of any or both parties is the core of our daily tasks at hand.

Information technology and the facilitation thereof, is the most efective tool utilised within our Group, where the workflow and processes are seamlessly affected with a high outcome result Both internal and external communication has therefore ensured we remain abreast with the flow of information and the constant change thereof".



Al Maidoor is committed to achieving lasting relationship with its clients by offering quality services at all times. Al Maidoor strives to achieve consistency in customer satisfaction by investing in a team of qualified and dedicated professionals.


Al Maidoor aims to be recognized as one of the premier legal solutions providers in the GCC & other Arab countries and make a mark in today's competitive world.


We lend a patient ear, fully understand the client's information and offer the best possible legal solutions, which is beneficial for all.

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