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Commercial and Corporate Law

Updated: Jan 4

Al Maidoor Advocates and Legal Consultants Law Firm, thanks to its many years of experience in corporate law, provides high quality legal services in all matters related to commercial and corporate law in the UAE and abroad.

Successful Operations in Business World

In the UAE there is no tax on business income, personal income, salaries. Only companies engaged in oil and gas production, as well as foreign banks are taxed. Since January 1, 2018, 5% VAT has been introduced in the UAE. At the same time, there is no tax on personal income, corporate income, dividends. This creates ideal conditions for establishing a company in the UAE. This has made the Emirates an extremely attractive option for investment, business and tax purposes.

In our country, all corporate issues are regulated by the Commercial Law, as well as various bilateral agreements concluded by the Emirates with some countries abroad. Continuous research and appropriate guidance on these issues are essential ingredients for successful operations in the corporate and business world.

Our law firm provides services, advice, assistance and representation, both in cases of settlement of issues in court and in cases of amicable resolution of disputes, in all aspects of commercial and corporate law.

We also provide the following services:

  • Creation of Emirati, European and foreign companies and cooperatives.

  • Liquidation and merger of companies and cooperatives.

  • Drafting shareholder agreements.

  • Drafting of commercial contracts.

  • Delegation and distribution agreements.

  • Creation of trusts.

  • Corporate governance.

  • Appointment of trustees, directors, shareholders, secretary and registered office.

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements regarding nominees and proxy services.

  • Opening bank accounts in the Emirates and abroad.

  • Accounting and auditing services through our partners.

In addition to the above, our law firm also specializes in the following services:

  • Drafting and reviewing trade agreements.

  • Mediation in the conclusion of trade agreements.

  • In-depth study, continuous informing of our team on commercial and corporate law issues, guarantees the best and most efficient provision of legal services to our clients.

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